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Increased access to healthy foods and beverages throughout the community will provide people with the ability to achieve a healthy weight and good health.

Current initiatives include:

Collaborate with the Parks & Recreation Department to designate garden plots within Villa Park for community, educational and recreational use at little or no cost to residents and no cost for low income residents.  Community gardens will serve a multi-purpose by providing nutritious and local fruits and vegetables, outdoor physical activity and educational purposes for children and families.

Collaborate with the Villa Park Library to increase the number of cooking class venues in order to equip community members with knowledge and skills in healthy food preparation, and appropriate portion size.

Collaborate with the Villa Park/Lombard Clergy Connection and local food pantries to explore and incorporate consolidated ordering, increased food storage options (such as increased capacity for storing healthier refrigerated foods) and sharing of healthy food preparation practices in order to increase the amount of healthy food offered to low income families.

Collaborate with local schools and cafeteria food service provider to prepare and provide healthy snacks which meet the nutrition criteria set forth in the snack calculator at the website at all Tri-Town YMCA after school sites located in District 45 and 44 schools.

Collaborate with the Village to enhance identified pedestrian walkway with striping to increase safety for pedestrians  needing to walk to a full service grocer.