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The Villa Park Public Library maintains a Seed Library, which freely distributes vegetable, herb, and flower seeds to the public. The Villa Park Public Library also offers a variety of programs, workshops, and resources throughout the year to help our community members get started with their gardens. For more info contact:
Villa Park Public Library

Re-Think Your Drink/Healthy eating Social Media Posts

A 2012 report estimates that Illinois could save more than $9 billion in 10 years if we reduce obesity rates by just 5%. One study predicted that the Healthy Eating Active Living Act could help reduce obesity by 5.2% in adults.

The Illinois healthcare system spends $6.3 billion per year to treat obesity-related health issues. Research links consumption of sugar-loaded beverages to increased risk of obesity and diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

The average American takes in 39lbs of sugar per year through soda , or the equivalent of one giant bag of cat litter AND a gallon of water AND a large watermelon!

The tricky part of controlling your treats at Halloween parties is avoiding sugar-loaded beverages. — One can of pop has 10 teaspoons of sugar, or more than 4 medium donuts or 4 fun-size candies! Wash your treats down with water or other low sugar beverages.

Environments matter too. Make healthy beverages the affordable & easiest option. Increase the price of unhealthy options and decrease the price of healthy options in worksite vending and cafeterias.

A comprehensive, systematic review of 160 studies looked at the effect of price on food demand and consumption in the U.S. Food eaten away from home, sugary drinks, juice, and meats were the most responsive to price changes.  The Healthy Eating Active Living Act is designed to raise the price of unhealthy beverages without impacting the price of healthier options.

One study showed that a rise in price in away-from-home foods and soda was associated with lower caloric intake, healthier weight, and decreased risk for diabetes.  Other studies suggest that a 10% price increase would decrease consumption of these foods and beverages by 8-10%. Would a price increase for unhealthy beverages impact your purchases?

Children watching Spanish-language TV are being bombarded with more commercials for junk food, sugary drinks and fast-food restaurants than children watching English language TV.  What should be done?

Looking to support your local hospital in creating a healthier beverage environment? Share our Rethink Your Drink: Healthy Hospital Beverage Environment Toolkit!
Healthy Lunches

•             Massachusetts General Hospital saw a 39% drop in sugar-loaded beverage consumption when they started highlighting healthy beverage options. What does your worksite do to encourage healthier drinks?

For more information about the rethink your drink campaign go to 

Let’s make school lunches healthier Click here for more information.

Interested in supporting the Healthy Eating Active Living Act?

Your organization can sign-on to endorse the proposal here, adding its name to the public list of supporters!

To Make Your Community Healthier—Be a Part of It!

There are easy things you can do to help your community become healthier:

At Your Favorite Restaurants:

On the Kids’ Menu:

  • Can apple slices and carrot sticks be substituted as an alternative to fries?
  • Can lowfat milk &/or 100% fruit juice be  substituted for soda?

On the Regular Menu:

  • Are the portion sizes reasonable, can they be adjusted?
  • Are there carryout boxes to take half home?
  • Can meals be split without a charge?

At Your Children’s Sports Leagues:

During Snack Time:

  • Can there be a healthy choice each time?
  • Can there be a policy to make the healthy choice be the only choice?

On The Sidelines:

  • Are there sideline activities I can do with my children, i.e., throwing, catching?

At the Concession Stand:

  • Can there be apple, bananas and healthy options along with the candy and/or chips?
  • Can there be fruit slushies or frozen fruit cups along with the ice cream?
  • Can  there be turkey subs along with the hot dogs?

At Your Childcare Provider:

  • Are there policies in place for:
  • Healthy snacks? (Does staff model this policy?)
  • Screen time for the television and the computer?

At Your Workplace:

  • Start a weight loss club or introduce a healthy challenge with co-workers
  • In the breakroom/lunchroom find a space for healthy posters or wellness tips
  • Find out if your employer has a wellness policy or a wellness committee. If not, and you want to start one, Grow Healthy Villa Park can help you!

Here are several resources that can help you get started with making a difference. Remember, small steps can have a big impact!

Healthy Eating Policies

Sample healthy catering, vending machine, and cafeteria and company-wide healthy eating policies:

Healthy Snack Vending: The Chicago Park District Experience & Resource Guide

Sample Park District Vending Machine Policy and Resource Guide

Healthy Bites: A guide for improving childhood nutrition

This resource includes information about improving childhood nutrition for children ages 1-12.  The guide is based on current scientific evidence and provides a self-assessment to allow child care programs to freely assess their own environment, program policies and practices as they relate to nutrition and physical activity.

Have a Healthier Holiday:


Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Healthy Halloween Activities:


Healthy Thanksgiving Meals

Eat Right Nutrition Tip Sheets

To encourage staff to model healthy eating practices, use Eat Right nutrition tip sheets.  These educational handouts are written by members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. The Academy is committed to improving the nation’s health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education and advocacy.

Community Gardens

This site offers a step-by-step guide with important information about how to safely grow your own fruits and vegetables with others in your community.

To learn more about the Community Healthy Living Index, visit:

54321 GO! DuPage County Health Department: