Willowbrook High School

By J’aimee Louis, Action for Healthy Kids intern

Posted March 14, 2014

During the 2013-2014 school year, Action for Healthy Kids – with funding from Campbell Soup Foundation – is working directly with three DuPage County high schools to empower students to take charge of improving the health and wellness environments in their schools through Students Taking Charge. The program combines positive youth development concepts, like leadership and skill-building, with school health projects and fosters student action.

Students at both schools decided “Rethink Your Drink” would be a great way to have fun with their peers while educating them at the same time. The demonstrations were conducted by local nursing students and Action for Healthy Kids.

During the demonstration at Willowbrook High School, one student was shocked to find out his favorite drink, a popular soda, has about 17 teaspoons of sugar in every 20 ounce bottle.

“Every time I drink a bottle of (soda) it’s like eating 17 spoons of sugar?” he asked nursing students Katrina Jose and Ashley Hernandez. “That’s terrible!”

Before leaving the classroom, the student and his classmates pledged to rethink their drinks and to try to reduce their unhealthy drink consumption by half over the next month.

The student leaders had a great time educating their peers on healthy snacks and drink options, but were even more thrilled to learn they had the power to educate their teachers and change their way of thinking about being healthy.

The demonstrations were a great start, but the education continues. Students at both schools plan to keep promoting the “ReThink Your Drink” initiative at their schools by displaying healthy posters around campus and encouraging their peers to think twice about what they eat and drink every day.

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